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For all globetrotters, stay-at-homes and professional make-up artists (or those who want to become one).

From now on Brushtube is always at your side. Just fill it with your favorite brushes, pop it in your bag and rest assured the contents will always arrive safely. In the twinkling of an eye, the transport case turns into a brush holder. No matter whether you are in a bathroom or on a train, Brushtube enables you to apply your make-up everywhere, or just refresh it quickly without losing the overview of your brushes.

Kiss goodbye to the old ways of brushing and embrace the new tube.



About Brushtube®

Brushtube® not only means a lot to us, Brushtube® can also do plenty. It is your brush storage container, brush holder, constant travel companion, brush bodyguard and brush life expectancy extender rolled into one. Brushtube® is an innovative beauty multitool that will make your life easier and prolong the lifetime of your precious, much-loved brushes.

After a four-year design process, many sleepless nights, promising 3D prototypes and endless brush insertion and removal testing, we proudly present our perfectly formed, smoothly functioning brainchild: Brushtube®. Made in Germany.

Why get one? Ask your brushes why!

Deprived of their natural freedom, brushes often spend their entire useful lives at the back of a dark drawer, or in handbags or cosmetic bags crammed against small change, chewing gums and other unidentifiable crumbs, instead of standing by your side secure and ready to use. Either conveniently when you’re on the run or waiting for you in the bathroom. From now on Brushtube® will be your smart beauty multitool for the daily beauty routine, not only saving you valuable time but also protecting your precious brushes and guaranteeing their hygiene. With Brushtube® broken bristles and brush search-and-rescue missions become a thing of the past.


Every detail thought through

Brushtube is durable, on this was used in construction and Choice of material special attention is paid.

We have developed this product in the last 3 years and tested and optimized again and again until we were satisfied with it.

Brushtube is unisize - currently there is a size.

Patented technology

Brushtube and al l their components are 100% in Germany.

We have developed this product in the last 3 years and tested and optimized again and again until we were satisfied with it.

The globally unique technology behind Brushtube is internationally patented and protected.

The development of Brushtube has extended over several years – every detail is completely thought out and tested.

In addition, we have placed special emphasis on brushtube so robust as I like to design. No complicated mechanism, which can break.

  • How many brushes can I store in Brushtube?

    It depends what kind of brushes you want to store. Lip and eye brushes (kohl, eyeshadow) are naturally very thin, so about eight to 12 brushes will fit in.

    Foundation, powder or rouge brushes are usually larger, so one or two of them would fit in. Brushtube’s diameter is 3.3 cm.

  • How do I clean Brushtube?

    Brushtube can be cleaned with commercially available detergents and disinfectants. Brushtube is dishwasher safe. After cleaning allow to dry before using again. Cleaning instructions can be found inside the packaging. Simply tear along the perforated side, everything is described there in detail.

  • What material is Brushtube made of?

    Brushtube is made of polypropylene and silicone. The materials are food-safe and have been specially selected for their durability.

  • Where is Brushtube made?

    Brushtube and all its components are 100% manufactured in Germany.

  • How long does Brushtube last?

    We have attached great importance to making Brushtube as robust as possible, with no complicated mechanism that can easily break. One cannot predict an exact useful life, but with ordinary use and without overloading the components, Brushtube will be your companion for a very long time.

  • Is Brushtube sustainable?

    In our view the current debate about the use of plastics is absolutely necessary, as too many disposable products are unnecessarily made of plastic. However, we feel that most common plastics are great materials when used for the right purpose. For example, polypropylene and silicone are very good for producing durable products. This leads to less waste: it is better to have a really good, robust product for a specific purpose than 10 different products that last no time before ending up in landfill.

  • Are there any brushes that do not fit in Brushtube?

    The only-make-up brushes we know which do not fit really well into Brushtube are kabuki brushes or other brushes with very short, thick bases.

Brushtube-ein family business

Stefan Konrad

-make it happen-
During the product design studies and after positions, inter alia. at Luigi Colani he developed the first beauty gadgets together with his mother Ildiko (e.g. silicone pads for tinting eyelashes). Thanks to its high creative output and its experience from 12 years of product development - from scratch to market - the family company has meanwhile become an extended workbench for well-known beauty brands and is responsible for numerous new and smart beauty tools and gadgets.

Natascha Wagner

-get things done-
It is a human multitool and the actual core of the company. She has the overview and the necessary foresight not to chase any trends. On the contrary: between all the bright colors and the flashing lights, she recognizes in a natural way what is really necessary.

Ildiko Konrad

-the soul-
Trendsetter, fashionista, inventor, all-rounder, free spirit, power woman, good soul and founder. In addition to an excellent nose for good and beautiful things, she has an excellent black humor.